Dermaplane is a non-laser Skin Rejuvenation treatment provided to patients at Medi-Spa at Knoxville Dermatology Group. Dermaplaning is a highly efficient and safe exfoliation procedure that clears away dry, dead layers of skin to expose a fresh, glowing layer of new skin underneath. We often perform Dermaplane along with a superficial chemical peel or other Skin Rejuvenation treatment for maximum benefit, or in combination with a mild hydrating 30-minute facial. Dermaplane is an effective treatment for all skin types and skin tones with the exception of patients with acne.



  • Slough away dead skin cells and peach fuzz to improve and smooth rough, dull skin
  • Diminish fine lines
  • Increase the absorption of nutrients in pharmaceutical-grade skin care products



Your Skin Rejuvenation procedure with Dermaplane will last 20-30 minutes. Our highly trained and skilled technician manually exfoliates the skin with a sterile blade. The blade will slough away dead skin cells and peach fuzz. It is not painful, so no anesthetic is required.



The results from Dermaplane are immediate, but the skin is likely to return to its previously dull appearance after a period of weeks or months. Most people get Dermaplane treatments on a regular maintenance schedule. We can recommend skin care products that will help you maintain your results longer and keep your skin healthier and smoother. You will be instructed to use moisturizer and sunscreen at the very least after a Dermaplane treatment. You may experience some redness and dryness for a short period of time after Dermaplaning, but the procedure is often called a “lunch hour” treatment because side effects are minor, requiring no downtime. Any peach fuzz that has been removed will grow back, but contrary to popular belief, it will not grow back darker, thicker, or coarser. It will be of the same color and texture as before.



Dermaplane is one of the safest Skin Rejuvenation procedures available today. It simply provides a more comprehensive exfoliation of the superficial layers of skin.

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