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Pearl & Pearl Fractional

Pearl and Pearl Fractional are procedures offered at Medi-Spa at Knoxville Dermatology Group for Brown Spot Treatment.


  • The Pearl Laser is a skin resurfacing device that lightens less severe sun damage.
  • The Pearl Fractional Laser is a more aggressive device that provides a deeper treatment for more severe skin discolorations.


Fractional therapy is a treatment that exposes only a fraction of the skin to the laser beam in a pattern of tiny dots. With Pearl Fractional, laser pulses place tiny holes in the skin. Columns of damaged tissue are selectively removed, leaving surrounding skin intact.

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Limelight / IPL

LimeLight Photo Facial is a laser treatment offered at Medi-Spa at Knoxville Dermatology Group for Skin Rejuvenation. LimeLight is an intense pulsed light (IPL) device that penetrates the surface layers of skin to target the cells that need to be treated without harming the outermost cells. It is a non-surgical and minimally invasive way to improve the appearance of your skin.

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Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis is a Laser Skin Rejuvenation technique offered at Medi-Spa at Knoxville Dermatology Group. This gentle technique improves the appearance of your skin in a non-invasive way and requires no downtime.


Laser Genesis uses infrared technology to heat the skin cells of deeper layers of skin while keeping the top dermal layers cool. The treatment also promotes the growth of new collagen, which can improve the look of your skin in the months following your procedure.


While Laser Genesis is most frequently used on the face, it can also improve the overall appearance of the skin on the neck, chest, and other parts of the body.

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Vectus - Hair Removal

This fast, effective laser hair reduction treatment will help considerably reduce unwanted body and facial hair and virtually eliminate the need for waxing, shaving, and electrolysis. While the procedure is sometimes called laser hair removal, we believe that laser hair reduction is a more accurate term because all hair cannot be removed permanently.

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Varilite Laser

The VariLite laser treatment is done to eradicate small veins and broken capillaries over the face. These often occur around the nose, cheeks, and chin in both men and women. The laser device provides an intense light beam that targets the veins. The light absorbs the pigment of the vein, reducing or removing the unsightly discoloration. Optimal results could require multiple treatments.

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