Varilite Laser

The VariLite laser treatment is done to eradicate small veins and broken capillaries over the face. These often occur around the nose, cheeks, and chin in both men and women. The laser device provides an intense light beam that targets the veins. The light absorbs the pigment of the vein, reducing or removing the unsightly discoloration. Optimal results could require multiple treatments.

What to Expect During My VariLite Laser Treatment

The VariLite laser treatment typically takes around 15-30 minutes. You will be asked to wear protective goggles during the procedure. A hand piece is then used by the provider to administer the laser treatment. The sensation may sting slightly.


VariLite Laser Recovery and Results

Some redness, bruising, and/or minor inflammation may occur following the VariLite treatment, but this should subside within the days post-treatment. The provider will recommend that you avoid sun exposure and always wear sunscreen when outdoors for a period of time after your VariLite treatment, as your skin will be more susceptible to sun damage.


The small veins and broken capillaries will gradually fade over the weeks following your treatment. More than one treatment may be needed to provide desire results.


Is VariLite Laser Treatment Safe?

The VariLite laser treatment is safe because it is a non-invasive treatment, precisely targets only the area that requires treatment, and is administered by the skilled, fully-trained, and experienced providers at MediSpa at Knoxville Dermatology Group.

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